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We have both a professional and public network that is primarily focused on delivering quality consulting services that inure to the benefit of our clients.

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Service with a global touch

Committed to building networks that empower and create transformation.
Zoweh Global Consult (ZoGloCon) believes and recognizes that every achieved and implementable transformation is the output of a collective and collaborative vision powered by foresighted and result oriented leadership. We are committed to creating solutions that will facilitate responses to the growing challenges in Ghana and that of Africa. 

ZoGloCon also partners other like-mind institutions, business and individual across Africa and the globe in relation to Africa’s sustainable development, human development and cultural preservation.

Our greatest believe is the possibilities in diverse ways, but we know people made and will make things happen provided the conducive environment or platform is created or provided, “we hold people I our heart in high esteem” Zoweh Global Consult is committed to building networks that empower and create transformation.
Our Vision
Our Philosophy
In executing our services, we desire to leave a rich experience in the people/businesses we come across.
We believe that with the right tools and network, whatever is searched for will be found for the suitable form of transformation desired or pursued.

Our motivation in rendering service is not about the capital benefit. If that is the case, we believe we will not have enough, but our motivation is in our clients' satisfaction.

We have both a professional and public obligation to provide quality consulting services and ensure our services are well-grounded, appropriate, thorough, result-oriented, and honest.
We conduct business with "RAPIC"
Results-focus: Commitment to our client's success is our sole perspective in guiding the partnerships we foster.
Adaptability: Alignment and balance between strategic positioning and tactical solution development underline our work with clients.
Passion: Determined, persistent, and mutual engagement is our attitude towards our clients.
Integrity: Corporate ethics determine our approach to clients.
Candour: Professionalism and confidentiality reflect our responses to clients.

Training, Reviews and Testimonials

Committed to building networks that empower and create transformation.

Our Unique Coaching, Training, and Consulting Services

Committed to building networks that empower and create transformation.
Coaching Services
Our coaching services are rooted in ontology, mindfulness, ecology, NLP, EI,mBraining, etc underpinned by the eight (8) coaching competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
We offer one-on-one and group coaching services in the following domains
Resilience and Teamwork
Executive Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Business Coaching
Personal Development Coaching
Relationship & Marriage
Enhanced Workplace Communication Training
This is a turnkey training designed with a focus on Peak Performance, Job, and Customer Satisfaction.

It is based on
-Leadership T.H.I.N.K Approach
-PTPJC Effective Communication and Benefits
-I.D.E.A.S keys in communication etc

It comes in 3 packages
- Basic Level
- Mid-Management Level
- Top Management Level
Work Philosophy and Customer Experience for Peak Performance
The world over is changing in strategies with the ultimate goal of pragmatic customer experience and peak performance due to keen competition.
Every corporate entity needs employees who can own or be authors of innovations and initiatives that will drive their job interest and satisfaction in this competitive global market.
Their work philosophy plays a cardinal role in corporate growth and expansion.

We deploy the following topics
- PPS DRIVERS of Work Philosophy
- PCL Foundation for Work Philosophy
- Work vrs Job Orientation for productivity
- Customers Experience Journey
- MATDOM to Work Philosophy
Strategic Leadership and Team Performance
SLTP is designed to position leaders and employee for growth and development
Areas covered includes
- Knowledge Management
- Knowledge Transfer
- Corporate Conflict Resolution
- Personal Branding for C-suites and CHROs
- SPEC to activate your personal brand
- 5 SMERF of personal branding
Personal Branding for Strategic Leadership Positioning
This training is designed to aid corporate bodies to augment the personal brand of their employees as part of their strategies. How customers, clients, and business partners value, perceive, and receive you has become very important.

-Foundation to personal branding
- the M.U.R of personal branding
- Effective personal branding keys
- Position and running of your social media brand.
Communication and Online Brand Positioning
This training is designed to make corporate bodies build a strategic online brand with an effective communication strategy. Communication is fast-changing, and this training is a turn-key for building or reinforcing an online brand.

- The Science behind communication
- The new frontiers of communication
- The emergence of new media
- The art of communication
- Building a social media mileage
Neuro-Resilience and Teamwork Stimulation Training
This is a 360-degree resilience and teamwork bespoke training package designed with neuroscience and mindfulness as the anchor.

Some topics covered are
- Emergent multiple intelligences
- Memory lane Awareness and redrafting
- Pyramid of self-purpose & vision repositioning
- Resilience 4S Mastery
- Team purpose and passion
- Negotiating excellence and shared vision
- Team leadership, Creativity, and Performance
Neuroscience of Effective Leadership Training
This is a strategically designed neuroscience of leadership despite one's trait or personality with a focus on neuroplasticity. This brings to bear the science behind the art and act (MIND) of leadership to stimulate an effective company mastermind for growth and development

- Exploring the Power of the Leadership MIND
- Biopsychosocial model insight to leadership
- Leadership mbraining awareness
- How to use the FACT model to maximize the leadership mind
- Coherence for effective mastermind programming
- The Hats of Masterminding
Coaching Essential Skills Training for C-Suite and Managers
This is one of our bespoke designed packages for C-suites and Managers due to all research pointing to the future of corporate leadership and Human Resource as coaching embedded.

The topics to equip c-suites and managers deploy some level of coaching essentials for effective leadership, management, and performance

- What is coaching and coaching culture
- The PASCAD Essential Coaching Skills
- Types of Coaching Models
- My Coaching Style
- The Overlapping 4 in Coaching
- International Coaching Federation 8 core competencies
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Zoglocon Professionals

Committed to building networks that empower and create transformation.

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah

CEO & Lead consultant

Mpho Mothapo

Business Development Consultant 
South Africa

Onkgopotse JJ Tabane

Communications Expert, CEO of Sgwili 
Media Group, Radio Host, South Africa
To us at Zoweh Global Consult, SERVICE is not a privilege, but rather a duty and calling hence deploying human capital development with a global touch. Our services are:

Communication Consulting

Zoweh Global Consult has the primary focus on rendering service which will inure to the benefit of our clients to facilitate growth in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Our core believe is to tap into the intrinsic and extrinsic gifts, knowledge and skills of people and institution and deliver them at the door steps as needed by our clients.In executing our services, we desire to leave deposit of rich experience in the people/businesses we come across.

Leadership Training

We provide leadership training on Executive levels, Managerial, Supervisory and general workers. What leadership skills do you need per your innate talents? How can you appreciate, tolerate and relate to other leader skills? How can enhanced and polished leadership skills produced progressive results? Do you have leadership crisis?Youth mentoring: We provide mentoring and nurturing trainings for youth groups, youth focused institution, clubs, association, etc.

Media & Other Services

ZoGloCon provide professional services in the following area: Concept and content development, Graphic Design Solutions,Website development, Videography solutions, Setting up and managing Satellite TV stations.

Other Services: Job recruitment: Do you need more qualified trained hands? Investment Research: What do you have? Where do you want to invest? How do you want to invest? Counseling Session, Strategic and Practical Public/Motivational engagement and Corporate & Individual Coaching engagements (one-on-one available) General consultancy services.


Certification and Membership

ICF Professional Certified Coach
Professional Certified Master Coach

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Work With Us for your next... Brand Creation, Leadership and Communication Training, Executive Coaching, and Speaking Engagement project.

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